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You can not carry a firearm and /or ammunition on your person or in your Cabin baggage. At the security check-point if any such item is detected in your cabin baggage or on your person you may be criminally prosecuted. The firearm/ammunition may be seized for investigation and if necessary used as evidence during prosecution. Depending upon the circumstances and other available facts, the screener or the police officer will decide whether you need to be prosecuted or at the least, allowed to consult with the airlines for possible assistance in placing the firearm/ammunition in your Regd. Baggage. In any case you will not be allowed to carry these items in the cabin.

You can carry your authorized or licensed firearm and/or ammunition in the hold baggage after taking the following steps.


  • You must declare orally or in writing to the airlines about carriage of firearm/ammunition either at the time of check-in if screening of hold-baggage is done after check-in or before security screening of the hold-baggage if it is done prior to check-in. If you fail to declare as above you may be criminally prosecuted.

  • You must carry a valid license or authorization for carriage of firearm and/or ammunition.

  • Firearm must be unloaded and packed separately from the ammunition. The screener will check to ensure it. Ammunition should not be carried in loose form and it should be in the proper package. There are restrictions on the quantity of ammunition that can be carried. Please check with your agent or airlines.

If you are a sportsman travelling to participate in some shooting event and thereby carrying more than one licensed firearm and/or ammunition more than 50 rounds, you must carry evidence to establish your identity and bonafide of such carriage of arms and ammunition. The evidence can be a photo I.D. issued by a Government agency or the sponsoring Sports Club, and a written document from the President or Secretary of the Sports Club sponsoring you for the shooting event. Before clearing you, the screener will require these proofs. 


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