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General Screening Considerations for Religious or Cultural Needs
  • If you do not want to go through the metal detector you may request a personal search (pat-down inspection) as an alternative.
  • You may also ask the screener for a private area for this personal search. You will be screened by a screener of the same gender. If you refuse appropriate screening you will not be allowed to pass the security checkpoint and you will be unable to board your plane.

Head Coverings

  • Passengers are permitted to wear their head covering including those who wish to keep their faces covered during the screening process.
  • Passenger usually goes through a walk-through metal detector at the screening checkpoint.  In case there is an alarm , then the passenger will be re-screened using hand-wands.  Should the hand wand alarm around the head area, then the screener must resolve the alarm by touching the area.
  • The only exception to this policy is if the alarm is still unresolved, then the individual will be offered the opportunity to remove the head covering in a private screening area.  
  • It is BCAS policy that passengers should be screened by the same gender.

Religious, Cultural, or Ceremonial Items

  • There are items in this category that are not permitted through the security checkpoint.  Therefore it is advised that you place such items in your checked baggage. Check the permitted/prohibited list for more information.
  • If the screener asks you to provide a religious cultural or ceremonial item for screening you may request a hand-inspection.  If the item is prohibited from the cabin of the aircraft you will be asked to place the item in your checked baggage or speak to your airline about checking the item.  If the item is delicate or fragile or special handling is otherwise required please let the screener know so that he or she can handle the item accordingly.
  • Sikh passengers are permitted to carry a religious Kirpan on their person on domestic flights only.  The size of the Kirpan should not exceed 9” in length (6” blade + 3” handle).

If the screener requests that you put a delicate or fragile item through the X-ray machine you may want to ask the screener to ensure that there is no baggage immediately before or after the item so that it will not be damaged. Trays are available at the X-ray machine.


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